Laney-Walker Heritage Walking Tour, Sat, Sep 11, 9:30 AM

Reservations required. Contact Corey Rogers by e-mail at the address in the flyer below. Note that the September date on the flyer is incorrect. It has been changed to September 11.

When you hear Welcoming America and Welcoming Augusta, perhaps you think about an America and an Augusta which welcome people. You think of “Welcoming” as an adjective which describes “America” and “Augusta.”

What if you also thought about “Welcoming” as the gerund of the verb “welcome?” How do we “welcome” America and Augusta?

One important way to welcome a person is to get to know the person. You walk together in the park. You ask about the portraits on the wall.

Corey Rogers, the historian at the Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History and Conference Center, has been conducting walking tours of the Laney-Walker district once a month. Upcoming dates are September 18 and October 16. Welcoming Augusta encourages you to register for any one of these dates and “get to know” Augusta so that you can more fully welcome it.

To register, send Mr. Rogers an e-mail at the address on the flyer.

And visit the museum’s website to learn about upcoming programs and opportunities to visit.

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