Tell Your Story About How Augusta Welcomed You

Welcoming Augusta, inspired by Welcoming America, is collecting stories of people who have moved to the Augusta area and made it their home. During Welcoming Week and throughout the year, these stories, whether as text, audio or video, are published on the Welcoming Augusta website and through its social media.

How Can I Participate?

The first step is simply to contact us. There are many different ways to record your story, so don’t worry about your level of technical expertise.

Must I Tell My Story in English?

No, you can do it in the language of your choice. We can translate it into English for you.

May I Conceal My Identity?

Yes. There are several ways we can publish your story without revealing your identity.

How Can I See the Stories Welcoming Augusta Publishes?

Look for the #welcomingaugusta2020 hashtag on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and check out the website.

What is Welcoming America?

Welcoming America is a nationwide initiative launched in 2009 to support welcoming communities which foster a culture and policy environment that makes it possible for newcomers of all backgrounds to feel valued and to fully participate alongside their neighbors in the social, civic, and economic fabric of their adopted hometowns. For more information, visit

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